Located in the heart of Europe to be closer to producers, Poppers Lovers only offers freshly made Poppers, produced by the best manufacturers. Products from top brands such as RUSH, JUNGLE JUICE, BLUE BOY, AMYL, PROPYL, FIST and AMSTERDAM are all available in their original formulas as well as all other flavours and bottle types. Poppers Lovers also offers more exclusive brands such as RAM and OINK for everyone to find the Poppers that suit them.

Our promo packs have been designed by a specialist to allow users to compare different formulas, or to try out a product range together. Prices at Poppers Lovers are so affordable they are ‘aphrodisiacal’, and our service is as fast as an anus dilating after a dose of RUSH ORIGINAL.

Poppers Lovers stays up to date on research surrounding Alkyl Nitrites to offer you the safest and latest Poppers products.