Intensify your sexual desire and performance with Poppers. This powerful aphrodisiac provokes an incomparable sensation of well-being and an irresistible urge to make love. The aromas that are given off by a bottle of Poppers will electrify the body and take you to new heights.

Instant heat, well known by those who like to add a little spice to their sex life, Poppers has long proven itself a mainstay at erotic parties. When that small but powerful vial releases its scent, it instantly electrifies everyone in the room. Once inhaled, Poppers allow you to lose your inhibitions and make the most of the moment with your play partner. You feel free and ready to indulge in all your fantasies; excitement and libido are at their highest, amplifying your pleasure. Poppers increase your sexual performance and give you a sense of well-being and carnal desire, making you feel ready to enjoy yourself for hours on end. Eroticism and sensuality are omnipresent from the moment you open that bottle let that penetrating aroma wash over you, and give in to all of your fantasies.

Poppers are legal

The sale and consumption of Poppers is legal in France as well as the majority of EU countries. The fact that it is not an addictive substance, its low toxicity and inexistent or few undesirable side effects make it a completely legal product. Although laws have been envisaged several times to ban the sale and use of Poppers, they have consistently been set aside or cancelled. However, like all synthetic products, they should be used in a controlled environment, respecting usage guidelines and avoiding abuse or overconsumption. 

Buying Poppers is cheap and easy

Since 2013, it has been very easy to buy Poppers. They can typically be bought online, but it isn’t rare to find in tobacco shops, gay saunas or in sex shops. These days, it is less specifically associated with the LGBT community and is becoming increasingly popular.

So, okay, buying Poppers is cheap and easy… but what for? Today, Poppers isn’t reserved only for homosexuals and young people looking for a high. Buying Poppers is also especially made for sharing a festive and euphoric moment with others, just like you would when sharing a beer or a glass of wine. It’s easy and legal to buy Poppers, all that’s left for you is to go for it.

You can buy Poppers for a variety of occasions: birthdays, stag / hen parties as well as a romantic evening with your partner(s). And yes, Poppers are indeed also known for being a sexual stimulant.

The top brands

There are a variety of Poppers brands such as Rush, Pocket RushAmsterdam, Jungle Juice, Blue Boy, Fist, Bear, Isoamyl Nitrite, Isopropyl Nitrite, Super Rush Black Label, Oink, Iron Fist… In order to choose what is best suited to you, here is a brief description of the main brands and their characteristics.

There are usually 3 different sizes of Poppers, sold in small, medium or large bottles. The volume of the contents generally varies between 10 and 30 millilitres.

How much it costs: Poppers prices

Poppers experienced a rapid democratisation, especially thanks to their affordable price. They are so easy to buy because of the very low cost: a medium sized bottle only costs between 4 and 13 Euro. You can find a comparison of different sizes and prices here. Poppers can be bought online discretely and at low cost.

How to use Poppers

Poppers are quite easy to use as they don’t require any additional equipment. Usage guidelines are to simply open the bottle and allow the scent to fill the room.

Most commonly, in order to get an immediate effect, people will smell or even sniff the vapours from the bottle.

The effects of Poppers

The consumption of Poppers and aromas generally causes blood vessels to dilate. The observed effects of this are euphoria, increased sensuality, loss of inhibition and a dizzying rush of blood to the head.

Poppers also have sexual virtues. They heighten your desires, prolong erections and give more frequent and intense orgasms. For both men and women, Poppers are a source of pleasure and amplify sensations and enjoyment. They also relax your muscles, making it easier to facilitate anal sex.

A bit of history

Amyl Nitrite, the main ingredient in Poppers, was first synthesised by a French man in 1844. A chemist by profession, Antoine Jérôme Balard did not consider the medical qualities of Amyl Nitrite, but in 1867, a Scottish physician began using it to treat patients and relieve pain. It was subsequently used up until the 1950s to treat ailments such as angina and coronary spasms.

It was after this that Poppers began to gain popularity, notably in the gay community, in which its effects on sexual performance (longer and stronger erections, delayed ejaculation, etc.) are highly valued. Starting in the 2000s, the user base of Poppers broadened to include women and young people looking to experience the euphoric effects of Poppers, a cheap and legal product.